Monday, May 26, 2014

Say No To Cabin Fever

I love comfy couches and Netflix as much as the next person, but I can only handle sitting still like that for short lengths of time. I get cabin fever if I'm cooped up for longer than a day. (More like apartment fever, I suppose- I wish I lived in a cabin!)

There are so many ways to get out and about, and I truly never tire of discovering new ones. It seems like most people have their own unique "go-to" ideas that are made possible by warm weather and the summer's sunshine. What are your favorite things to do to get out of the house?

Here are just a few things I've done to cure my restless soul syndrome these past few days:   

Holland State Park is one of my favorite places in West Michigan. Although this park is just a simple Lake Michigan beach (I usually prefer my beaches to be accompanied by trails), I love the river that runs alongside it and watching sailboats drift in and out of the marina. Plus there are tons of options for ice cream on the drive in- an absolute necessity for any beach day!

The lilacs are blooming behind our apartment! I was so excited when I noticed them that I grabbed a pair of scissors and ran outside to go on a wildflower hunt. Even just a small walk during the day can really brighten my mood and make me feel more connected to the world around me.

My favorite apartment fever cure is simple: look up events happening nearby, fill up the gas tank, and go! That's what got us to the Fruitport "Old Fashioned Days" celebration last night. There was a small zoo, a carnival, live music, and fireworks show at dusk! We had so much fun eating corn dogs, petting exotic animals, and sitting by the lake watching the fireworks (which are possibly my favorite thing in the world). 

You've probably noticed by now, but I really love beaches. I never feel more complete than I do when I'm by the water, specifically near the truly Great Lakes. This photo was taken on Friday at the Grand Haven State Park, another one of my favorite places in West Michigan. Sadly, the water was too cold for swimming just yet, but summer is finally here and I'm sure it will warm up soon!

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  1. I'm with you when you say that you feel complete next to water! That is why our search for an acreage is going into its 6 month now. Not only are we trying to find an inexpensive property near a large city in the prairies, but one that is also within walking distance of either a river or lake. Ey-yi-yi.



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